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June 2011



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Jun. 8th, 2011

A Rainy day

Salvette! (Greetings and be well!)

Today is another marvelous rainy day. Currently, I am preparing supper (which shall be BBQ ribs slit with garlic clove and corn on the cob). As the meat defrosts (peers down at wrist watch) in an hour, so it would seem, I have decided to use up the lemon peels I have been saving in the fridge. The hot lemon smell is very strong, and fills the whole house with the soothing aroma. *Inhales deeply.* It is a wonderful smell. Is it no wonder why I love cooking? :P
The peels have just finished blanching and are now simmering in a sugar-water mixture. Shortly after I post this, they should begin to take on a nice semi see-through texture and will be ready to dry out; thus making absolutely delectable candy. (Need I say I will be dipping them in semi-sweet chocolate?)  Mmm. Can't wait.
Until then, I am ripping cds (that term sounds so strange to me. I can't help but think of the noise that "ripping" makes) being a good majority of my cds have begun to skip due to the hard whacks they've taken on bumpy, potholed, or dusty roads. I was informed that this would be a good way to preserve what is left of my cds. And so, here I am, doing just so. Currently ripping one I haven't heard since I was in my early years. Its called: "Krzysztof Pelech, Guitar Sampler." My Daddy played it on a few road trips and can I say that feelings of nostalgia have come over me? *peers out her window daydreamishly, remembering yester-years passed by....* Ah-me....

Ooops! Better go, the timer is beeping at me, which can only mean one thing: My lemon peel candies are ready for the next step! Until next time...
God bless. :)

Apr. 18th, 2011

Writer's Block: Marathon sessions

Aside from sleeping and being awake, what is the longest consecutive amount of time you've spent doing one thing? What was it?

Working on 09's nanowrimo project. I had h1n1 at the time and therefore, had nothing to do, but write and write and write. I wrote sun-up to sun-down, with long breaks where I'd drifted off in a sickish-hazy sleep. That was the longest stretch I've ever written. :)

Other than that, I read the Left Behind books as they came out. I knew they came out one per year and I'd scrimp up my money and go buy the next book and devour it that same day. Then I'd curl my fingers and cry out, "Noooo! Now I have to wait another year to find out what happens!!" (Bookworms, you relate to this frustration, yes?) :P  

Apr. 14th, 2011

Writer's Block: Next stop: Hollywood

Which book that you've read would make a great movie, and why? Who would you pick to play the main characters?

Firebird by Kathy Tyers!


I would most definitely make a HUGE ta-do about going to see it! I am unsure of who would play the leading roles. (I do not keep up to date on today's actors and actresses). So here, I'll blindfold myself, and somebody choose actors for the parts. I'll rip off the blindfold and exclaim: "Perfect!!!" :P (It doesn't matter.) Seeing it in movie-form would be spiffy enough for me!!  d-^_^-b
I know for certain that my pals would ADORE seeing this type of movie. It of course, would be a trilogy...well, until they release four and five which are soon in coming!!!!!! Squeeeeee!!! XD

Mar. 14th, 2011

Writer's Block: Double vision

If there was a parallel universe, in what ways would you want your double to differ from you?

If my double differed from me, how would she be my double? O.o

But okay, I'll play with the whole double parallel universe stuffs:
My double would be the me I place into my outgoing characters. The type of character that looks for a challenge and thinks its a game. And clever with quick wit (I've always wanted to be a quick draw on my responses!).  :P

Ndundundun!! Where you have one parallel universe, where does it stop? It begins to seep, spreading like veins across an infinite galaxy of possibilities. Then there would be a me out there that likes mint, and the color pink, and...and hates chocolate, and the color blue! (NOoOOOOooooo!!!! *hands up, covers eyes, never wants to see such a horror!!). This, amicas et amicus, is called the realm of imagination for a reason!! :P
Hmm....I could write a book on that for nanowrimo perhaps?? *Grins*

What pets write in their diaries...

My Grandpa sent me this email and I nearly fell of the chair in hysterical laughter......

Excerpts from a Dog's Diary.....

"8:00 am - Dog food! My favorite thing!
 9:30 am - A car ride! My favorite thing!
 9:40 am - A walk in the park! My favorite thing!
10:30 am - Got rubbed and petted! My favorite thing!
12:00 PM - Lunch! My favorite thing!
  1:00 PM - Played in the yard! My favorite thing!
  3:00 PM - Wagged my tail! My favorite thing!
  5:00 PM - Milk Bones! My favorite thing!
  7:00 PM - Got to play ball! My favorite thing!
  8:00 PM - Wow! Watched TV with the people! My favorite thing!
11:00 PM - Sleeping on the bed! My favorite thing!"

Excerpts from a Cat's Daily Diary...

"Day 983 of my captivity...

My captors continue to taunt me with bizarre little dangling objects.  They dine lavishly on fresh meat, while the other inmates and I are fed hash or some sort of dry nuggets. 

Although I make my contempt for the rations perfectly clear, I nevertheless must eat something in order to keep up my strength.

The only thing that keeps me going is my dream of escape.  In an attempt to disgust them, I once again vomit on the carpet.

Today I decapitated a mouse and dropped its headless body at their feet.  I had hoped this would strike fear into their hearts, since it clearly demonstrates what I am capable of.  However, they merely made condescending comments about what a 'good little hunter' I am.  There was some sort of assembly of their accomplices tonight.  I was placed in solitary confinement for the duration of the event.  However, I could hear the noises and smell the food.  I overheard that my confinement was due to the power of 'allergies.'  I must learn what this means and how to use it to my advantage.

Today I was almost successful in an attempt to assassinate one of my tormentors by weaving around his feet as he was walking.  I must try this again tomorrow -- but at the top of the stairs.

I am convinced that the other prisoners here are flunkies and snitches.  The dog receives special privileges. He is regularly released - and seems to be more than willing to return.  He is obviously retarded.

The bird has got to be an informant. I observe him communicating with the guards regularly.  I am certain that he reports my every move.  My captors have arranged protective custody for him in an elevated cell, so he is safe.  For now..................

Jan. 18th, 2011

Writer's Block: Universally speaking

If you could have a conversation with any animal in the world, living or dead (such as a childhood pet), which animal would you choose?

Quite an interesting question. I have pondered several times what it would be like if we could still talk to animals and them to us. If that were possible now, I'd talk to my cat, Tuxedo. Tell him he's been a fine feline companion. Right there when I needed a good back-kneeding when I'm ill with a cold, and a face-bonk-purr to cheer me up when I feel blue. God put that feral and very wild adult cat into my life, I know that for certain.

Tuxedo entered my life as a blurred streak of black with white paws, trying to steal the family steaks from the barbique. He was crusty, bone thin and in terrible shape - the kind in shelters that look too worse for wear and you can't help but pity them. I wish I had pictures of him before I tended to his pressing needs. (He had been physically abused as a youngster, kicked (he was terrified of feet touching his stomach) by a man (he hisses at every man who he doesn't recognize), which was evident...and very sad). He then returned consistantly to paw-open the front door, hiss at us, and at my Mom's words of  "You go outside until you can properly go about the house without hissing at us. You are the guest, remember?" he'd turn around and go outside, only to come back in the house five minutes later and behave guest-like and proper. Sometimes I almost wonder as I look into his amber-gold colored eyes if he understands what I am saying and I just can't understand him. He is a good pet-friend. I tell him all the time that he is a little blessing in my life, put here for a season, and I treasure the time I do get with him. Tuxedo will be dearly missed when he does pass away.

As for the topic of this conversation, before the Fall of Adam and Eve, I believe humans could communicate with the animal kind. I have a well-known portion of Scripture to back up this thought. I heard it via a message from John MacArthur on the Fall of Man. It is where Eve is talking to the snake at the tree of the knowledge of good and evil...

(I have broken it down:) Genesis 3:1-3: "Now the serpent (Satan had come into the snake, possessing it) was more crafty than any other beast of the field that the Lord God had made. He said to the woman, "Did God actually say, "You shall not eat of any tree in the garden?" (Look at the word, "Actually" and "Any." He is narrowing the topic, trapping her. He's saying: Did He really tell you that? Well, let me tell you something, God is restrictive, and He's restricting you, Eve.) And the woman said to the serpent, "We may eat of the fruit of the trees in the garden, but God said, "You shall not eat of the fruit of the tree that is in the midst of the garden, neither shall you touch it, lest you die." (This is a weak way to respond! She should have defended God right here, but she doesn't. Here the snake is saying that God is restrictive, and she doesn't disagree, instead, she adds on a restriction of her own, claiming it is what God has said! She's agreeing that God is restricting her from having something!! Where did God say, "neither shall you touch it?" Genesis 2:16-17: "And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, "You may surely eat of every tree of the garden, but the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die." )

Genesis 3:4-6: But the serpent said to the woman, "You will not surely die. (God is lying to you Eve. The fruit is harmless.) For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil." (See He's restricting you because He likes being the only God. He hates competition, that's why He wants to restrict you. You are His competition. That's why He lied. His character isn't perfect, it's flawed. He's not truly "good" because He doesn't want you to get what you rightfully deserve.) So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was to be desired to make one wise, she took of its fruit and ate (She was deceived! She believed God was restricting her, holding her back, and she was going to get all that she was being withstrained from!), and she also gave some to her husband who was with her (Why didn't Adam speak up and protect her?), and he ate (Where Eve sinned because she had been deceived, Adam saw the whole thing take place, he did absolutely nothing to stop it  -and he chose to sin. This is where Adam hands over the keys of "dominion over the earth" and hands them over to Satan and Satan becomes "the prince of this world." But, that's where the fulfillment of Scripture comes into place and the second Adam (which is Jesus Christ) comes to save what was lost (mankind from sin). )."

Hello! Whoa there! - Eve is conversing with a snake! Not any shallow conversation either! They are talking about the character of Almighty God! She doesn't stop to think about this being "a conversation with a snake," nor does she defend God's perfect character, but she actually goes on to agree with the snake, adding that God is restrictive by adding onto what God had said don't do. He only said "Don't eat it." She adds words God didn't say (putting words in God's mouth, so to speak), "Or touch it." Why didn't Eve think that there was a problem talking to a snake? Why did she converse as easily with the snake as she did with Adam and God? She knew nothing different and she thought nothing of it.

It is an interesting thing to think about that before the Fall of Man, humans were able to speak to animal-kind. It would make sense for us to understand the animals, and for them to understand us. I think, personally, before the Fall, that large percentage of our brains that goes unused, were usable at that time, but because of Sin, it was cut off from use. A good analogy of that is: Where once life was like going down a river, and all Adam and Eve had to do was effortlessly guide the movement of the boat, after sin, life became rowing up a river against the flow of a strong current while trying to guide the boat. It became hard, full of labor-intense effort. It makes me wonder how different our world would have been without sin in it. It would be impossible for me to try and picture it. The reason: It was absolutely perfect. God finished with the animals and he called it, "Good." (For God to say something is "good," that means that it is in its perfect, unable to be any better, highest and best form.) God finished creating mankind and He called it, "Very good." 

....So this is a large amount of food for thought for you. Hope you enjoy it! :)

Btw: The lie that Satan deceives Eve with in the Garden: Its the same lie he uses today. He has not changed.

Dec. 20th, 2010

Writer's Block: Welcome home

Do you prefer to live in a region with a temperate climate or four seasons, and why?

I enjoy living in a region where I get to see all four seasons. It is marvelous to watch the snow fall, silently, ever so soft, in the Winter. Then to observe and take part of watching the new growth of Spring; green and fresh as the snow melts away. The relaxing warmth of Summer, the cool crisp water,  of splashing around in it, laughing in the company of friends. The soft sigh of an evening breeze blowing through the wind chimes on our front porch. The barbecues and home-squeezed lemonade, while watching the summer snow breeze across the field. Then the fading of the lush green, the displays of vibrant whips of lightning arching across the sky at night, turning the black canvas into a bright purple for a brilliant moment of awe before fading quickly to black again. And then the cool rainfall sets in. (Ah, the perfect weather for writing. A steaming cup of earl grey tea beside my computer, my writing gloves on, soft George Winston music in the background...ahh yum....that does splendidly.) The heat of late summer returning, then the colors of Summer turn to Fall, a crisp brightness of reds, oranges, yellows, bright golds and warm browns, a visual delight to the eye. Then the snow begins to fall, weightless snowflakes that drift slowly, silently to the ground. I love the four seasons.

Oct. 18th, 2010

Writer's Block: Dynamite with a laserbeam

Is there a specific song or band that makes you yearn for the past?

There is an array of songs that make me feel warm and I am drawn back into my memories of the past. Kenny G's songs and Windam Hill music does that, but the one that has the strongest pull of almost 'transporting' me back in time along with the warm-fuzzy feeling of rememberance is George Winston's cd "Summer." Everytime I hear it, I find myself distantly away, back in an old memory, on a road trip with my Daddy and younger brother, staring out the window in a daydreamish fashion....I can almost feel the warmth of the Nevada to Utah trek as we journey for our yearly thanksgiving family get-together. :) Ahh sweet memories! Ahh good times! :)


Oct. 5th, 2010

Writer's Block: Love stinks

Which song would you pick to describe your romantic life, and why?

Why, that's the simplest question ever! This is the song that's been branded to me as "her song" from when I was very little. I know one day, it will go with me to be played at my wedding reception. Of that I have no doubts - I will be dancing to it one day with my future spouse.
It was mutually picked by my immediate family and I because the lyrics describe my waiting for him, and his waiting for me and one day we will meet and our dreams will come true...not only that, but I used to and still sit at my window at night to gaze out at the stary sky, praying for him, and wondering if he's out there doing the same, so the song fits me perfectly. *sighs and shrugs* I know, I'm a romantic and a dreamer....I can't help it. :P

"Somewhere Out There" sung by Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram

Sep. 16th, 2010

Writer's Block: Homeward bound

How would you describe your dream home?

Quaint, cozy, with a Hallmark-store type flair, yet uncluttered.

The long driveway is flanked with trees on both sides, their branches finger over the gravel road. The trees are in bloom. There is plenty of trees all around, the grass is a bright green. The place is tended well, with the new planted fruit trees encased with deer fencing so the moose and deer don't shred the plant to bits ("Nom nom nom" -goes the animal. "GAHHHHH!" - goes the gardener, realizing that her vision of delicious apples has become a pointed nub of a stick, protruding from the ground! O_O ...lets avoid that nightmare -with deer fencing. :P)

The scenery is beautiful, peaceful, with no sounds of the highway, but the sound of the wind rustling the leaves, and sweet birdsong. A soft windchime tunes out a melody of its own as the wind plays with it as it hangs from the front porch. Sparce buildings dot the property in an arch: House, shop, chicken coop, garden shed (inside the garden which is fenced in to make the plants nibble-proof from foraging animals). A lab puppy is the first to greet you, tongue lolling out of its mouth as it bounds joyfully toward you, happy for attention. Welcome to my dream home.

You step onto the shaded front porch and gaze around. Two rocking chairs are placed at the most spacious part of the porch. The bbq on the other side. Flower pots dot the space, adding flicks of color. A "welcome" mat with bristly fibers (lots of gravel and dirt) rests at the foot of the door along with a three-sided rubber bristle boot scrub (necessary for snow removal from boots). 

When you walk into the house, you find light warm-toned wood beneath your feet and you smell the mouthwatering savor of apple pie that flows out from the kitchen oven. To your left is the double glass framed wood doorway into the library (bookshelves line the walls, save for a desk under a large open window looking at the plentiful trees and the mountains behind, to your right, a small 1/2 bath, ahead opens to the living area.

As you walk into the livingroom, following the short hallway rug (matches that of the one under the coffee table), you can see the space is open with bright with an exposed beam ceiling. The color theme of the room is soft, inviting.The kitchen is open to the room, the wood extends into the kitchen (which also goes throughout the house, save for the three bedrooms and the library which are softly carpeted in a neutral tone). The workspace is in a triangle format (my favorite and the most efficient type of layout). The cabinetry is a warm wood with light colored accents, roughly a neutral colored country-french feel with a few touches of crimson to give the kitchen some pop and provide warmth to the space (after all, a woman ought to feel warm and completely at home in her kitchen because that is where she spends a lot of her time :) At least, that's how I feel). The appliances are chrome and the oven is electric (easy clean up ;) ). The appliances like mixers, coffee maker, toaster, etc, are nicely hidden behind a sliding false wall on the far side of the kitchen. The center island with its space for storage beneath provides a nice spot to lean against while drinking coffee and gazing daydreamishly out the large picturesque windows into the clearing of the back yard. The backyard has a small patio, children's toys dot the grass, mini plastic monuments of primary colors. (heheheheee, can't wait for that. :P). My husband's John Deere lawn mower rests like a still statue off to the side, under the shade of one of the cherry trees. Trees sprinkle and grow thick near the edges of the open area, a flower bed area is just to the left, visible through the master suite bath (which you will soon be touring through). The windows that line the living room allow lots of light. (There are many windows in the house - I do not like living under electric lights - I like the pure natural light -something refreshing and just good about it. :) ).

A smooth river rock wood-burning fireplace is a corner focal point next to the picture windows, with its cozy sitting hearth nestled beneath. Two couches and a rocking chair are placed just so on the warm rug (picks up the crimson and neutral colors of the kitchen to continue the flow of one room to the next). A large hanging art rug in rich blacks and golds and browns hangs from the prominent wall in the room (most of the colors inspire from this piece...I have it waiting already to hang in my living area - a gorgeous scene of bears in nature). In the middle of that sits the coffee table, which is a heavy wood, helping to ground the space, the color blends with that of the kitchen cabinets. The dining area is just off the kitchen to its side, in a quaint space that warmly seats 8 people around its oval table. A china cabinet and silverware drawer are the only furnature in the room besides the seating and table.

Continuing on, you turn down the hallway to your left and some artistic pictures line the walls. At the end, is the master suite. The double doors open to the space, nice and airy with high ceilings, exposed beams and wood-tone fan. Bed rests at the center, its frame mimics that of the french-country feel of the living room and kitchen. Few furniture with darker more colorful accessories add pop and a homey flair to the room. The electric fireplace adds warmth and a cozy warm feel to the space. In the bay window space, half octigon (but rounded slightly with a seating bench (surprise! It acts as both a place to sit and watch wildlife in the privacy of the room, but also is a great storage area!). Walking into the master bath, a large window (with blinds for privacy) lets in natural light, a glass shower, tub, and double sinks are the focal point. The toilet is found behind a half-wall for extra privacy as well as to hide it (I don't like the look of them, a personal quark I guess :P). The walk in closet is right off the side wall of the master bath, it has built ins and contains enough space for his and her summer and winter clothing (cause you girls know how much we like enough space for our cute and many shoes, purses of all colors and sizes and goodness knows all those neat sale finds on "the most amazing, couldn't resist buying it, outfit ever" clothing. hehehhee :P)

Walking out of the master bath, out of the master suite, you journey back down the hall, through the living room walk space, past the entrance, you come to the other wing of the house. You notice something that went by unnoticed at first. Near the front door, there is a cozy closet nestled against the wall on the 1/2 bath side, just before it (something you can't see at first being the open door hides it from obvious view). A bench has a place to put on or take off shoes and a coat hook place for coats for quick take off or put on. The hall leads to a guest suite where it has its own bath and small closet. A sweetly furnished space for the weary traveling guest to relax and feel as though he/she were home although far from it. :) Stepping out of there, across the hall lies a sunroom/game room, furnished with soft sun-warming hues (so in the time of winter, it is a cheery room to take to when the outside seems so cold and nippy. It has its own fireplace, small electric sort.

Taking a hike upstairs, the hallway is lined with family photos. There are three medium-sized bedrooms that branch off from the hall, with two baths and an extra room that spreads over the garage for storing things/craft room.

Going back downstairs, you walk down the hall past the guest suite to your right, past the sun-room to your left, there is the washroom (left) and the garage door - making a little mudroom area to deposit of filthy outer garments and muddy boots (wags finger at her children with a soft smile as they burst unexpectedly through the doorway - "Take off those mud-soppy boots. Not across Mommy's wood floor!" - those who laugh, know what I'm talking about. :P) Out the door is the double garage (so snow does not have to be endlessly shoveled off Daddy or Mommy's cars (I know this already - backbreaking labor if ice freezes the tires to the ground. >_<).

This is the end of your tour. Come my friend, and lets go to the kitchen to visit over a cup of tea and a slice of homemade dutch apple cobbler. :)

.....Have I imagined this house? Oh many many times that it is truly uncountable. :) It is one of my largest dreams: To build this place. I am saving up for it and savoring the possibility of the day when I turn that key into that doorknob for the first time with shakily excited fingers, and open it to step inside for the very first time. The dream of my mind, a sweet and very rewarding reality. :)

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